Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Mhevan 158.

The strike cruiser "Ragnar's Dagger" ran silent and blacked out from the edge of the system to a high orbit and let slip the Storm Eagle "Grundan's Vengeance" into a major meteorological event, where it fell to the surface only using power to avoid disaster, allowing the Newtonian forces involved to bury it in a polar dust sea.  The wolf scouts would have to spend a long a time digging it out when they wanted to leave, but such are the perils of a covert operation.

The wolf scouts split up and made their way south unseen by the population, some of whom were in rebellion and some who were not.  They saw their mission as secret and kept it so.  They did not find the Word Bearer's Apostles, as they hoped.  Perhaps they were already on their way to another system to cause  more trouble.

A single wolf scout did find Eidolon, a demon prince of she who thirsts, former equerry of Fulgrim. And then, by a freak chance, they were there to witness the so called descent of angels. Part of the Blood Angels 3rd Coy attempted to intercept the demon prince.

A demi squad of Blood Assault Angels head for some desperate cultists.  The Wolf Scouts note that the cultists seem eager to take on the Blood Angels (and indeed, take one down in the second round of combat).

A Blood Razor Back heads for the Noise Marines hidden behind the medical container.  The cultists shoot almost continuously at a demi-tac squad behind the Blood Razor Back, eventually taking one or two of them down.  Two of these cultists (the leader and the HMG gunner) actually survive and are still on the board at the end !

Another squad of noise marines follow a Predator Annihilator towards their enemy.  The Predator begins successfully sniping the devastators off of the chruch roof.

Cultists prove their worth to their dark (or in this case, pink) masters.

A drop pod lands a Dreadnaught with a Multi Blood Melta and a Blood Fist behind a predator, which it immobilized.  But was then assaulted from behind (of course, he's not a Slanneshi Deamon for nothing) By Eidolon for three rounds before finally exploding.

The Noise Marines at the other end of the board feel unthreatened.

But these guys with the Blood Tech Marine were under fire from the cultists and another squad of Noise Marines for almost the whole game.

The Blood Devastators were being thinned out by the predator annihilator.

The Blood Libarian leapt from the Blood Razor Back to witness the final moments of the Noise Marines and the Demi Assault Squad who slew their champion (shot by the immobile dakka pred).

The other Noise Marines consider getting involved.

Devastator's eye view of the battlefield.

The Blood Assault demi squad who defeated the cultists step through the door way to find Eidolon waiting for them. This was only going to end one way.

To the sound of much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the Blood Devastator's first shot at the zappa pred blows it up.

Eidolon finishes off the last of the Blood Assault Squad as the Blood Librarian and his Blood Angels get out of their Blood Razor Back.  He tries to cast Blood Lance but fails.   Eidolon challenges the Librarian, who accepts and is pulped.

The Wolf Scout slips silent away, unseen by the Blood Angels, and undetected by the scion of She Who Thirsts, to make his report.

"And you're sure that you were undetected ?"

"I cannot say, farseer, those wolf scouts are canny trackers and more at ease in the ruins of their own cities than I and my rangers."

This was my first game 6th Ed, Zzzzz (Emperor's Children) vs PVP (Blood Angels), 1000 points.  Played on D-Day in the sunshine.


  1. So jealous!

    It looks to me like a rather good fun introduction game...

  2. Very cool - Looks like it was a fun game, and it looked fantastic!

  3. Purple is the only colour suitable for a renegade marine unit.

  4. Cool game Zzzzzz! Welcome to 6th.
    I love your photos. I tent to get a bit carried away with the game and end up with a number of blurry shots LOL.

  5. That's me a third of my way through my gaming target for 2013. There is a reason that I don't really notice the changes between editions; Whilst playing, I discerned no appreciable difference between 4th (1 game), 5th (3 games) or 6th (1 game so far) editions. There's prolly a reason for this, but I can't seem to put my finger on it.

    It was a good way to round off a great day, every time PVP looked something up in his codex, it seemed to be prefixed with the word "blood". For me, it became amusing quite quickly.

  6. Great report, a much nicer read than a dry turn by turn sequence. That looked like the perfect day for a bit of outdoors gaming, supremely jealous of you.

    ... and yes, every word in the Blood Angels codex is preceded by the word 'blood'

  7. Great report, thoroughly enjoyable read - and second the lovely photos. Never dared to try a game outdoors, maybe this summer if it stays... How did you find sixth edition?

    I know you've had issues emailing me, I have a new address now which should work - officiomedicae77 at gmail.com