Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

This weeks offering.

A lot of painting has happened this week, but it has been mostly garden fence.  However, on the chance that you remember this, I offer you these:

Twelve tanks, all lined up. I havn't given them any sponsons, as you can see, they wouldn't fit across the short edge of a standard table...  Actually the sides are very pretty; they are nice looking mini bitz and tanks without sponsons are cheaper in terms of points.  You can see the puppetswar big moma (with sponsons) backing them up.  I'm imagining that it drives around with the gun to the rear and reverses into a firing position.

The unpainted forces of the Ordo Hereticus at the other end of the table look a bit vulnerable.

I asked these guys what to do next (they were on their way to the garage).  The shouty bloke in the red beret  gave me a huge ear bashing about never painting anything and then stood there drinking tea and watching.  Under the scrutiny of a small plastic Cadian Welshman from Devon, I did this:

So you can see, from a pile of spares a few weeks ago to a basecoated and shaded armoured formation;  Even in this unfinished state, they look quite good, from a 'having an army that looks good' point of view.  Anyway, as I write this, the Piratical Viking Painter is due to drop around tomorrow, so I'm quite excited to see what he brings !


  1. So many tanks. Definately an imposing sight.

    It's always a good feeling to get even a base coat down on things you've had kicking around for a while.

  2. Enough tanks to completely fill a table edge! Dear God, that's a terrifying yet brilliant sight.

  3. Good lord, that looks terrifying, but so bloody awesome...

  4. Nice! I love how the puppetswar treads worked out for the Russ variants. Those look fantastic! I keep meaning to pick up some of those kits, and I think you've just pushed me over the edge on the order.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  5. Impressive looking force sir. I always thought they look better without sponsons.

  6. Those look astounding. I really do like these kits en masse...