Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 13 September 2013

August Apocalypse (three of four)

As the Armageddon Steel Legion are torn apart by the defenders, the 20th DKK push up behind them but their advance is constrained by the wrecked vehicles in front of them.  The Adeptus Mechanicus came on and repaired one of the Cadian 144th's scout cars.

Corbanian Special Forces behind the enemies front line finally manage to seriously damage one of the pair of Baneblades that bolster their front lines and prevent a decisive breakthrough in the center.

As an interesting couterpoint to the Corbanian Storm Trooper's actions inside the fortifications, stay behind Chimeltavets from the Devos IV 1/1 Special Forces, in vehicles almost identical colours to the Corbanian ones, are allowed to close with the Hellhammer with devastating results.  They would remain in situ, protected by constant bombardments from Bloodcoat Thudd Guns and mortars, defying the efforts of Corbanian veterans to dislodge them.

Private Corbo infiltrates the Command Bunker and manages to wipe out the Bloodcoat commander, his command team and almost all of the heavy stubber teams therein.  He was then ignominiously slain by the psyker on the roof.

There is not that much to add here in terms of editorial: the Flecktarn platoon that came on the left flank were seriously threatened by scouting sentinals from the Tigers coming on behind them and took a pasting from the mortar fire and the Heavy Stubber teams before Pte Corbo did his thing.  The Corbanians on the right flank were seriously inconvenienced by thudd gun fire which made their attempts at any infantry actions more or less ineffective.  On the plus side the huge number of tigers manning the barricades in front of them was being chomped through at an alarming (for Admiral Drax) rate.


  1. Thank you gentlemen; If you would care to view the bird's eye view at the top I'll draw your attention to the three or four LR immediately to the right (as you are looking at the scene) of the command bunker. Although they did nothing spectacular during the battle, by shooting up the ASL's Chimerae, they created enough of an obstacle that the DKK had to drive around them (instead of just following their charge), taking the DKK's attack time from three turns to (I'd guess) five. Thus preventing the DKK from slamming home during game time. So in terms of a four turn game, Drax won hands down; the Corbanians were minced and the DKK were stalled.

    Now, order to preserve the narrative, of course the DKK will eventually reach the defences and overwhelm them, but you will see the cheat that Col Corbane and I used to justify this on Tuesday ;)

  2. Ha!

    I love the tease, Zzzzzz!

    I think we all know that what this really means is...

    ...it's quite evidently high time you got yourself a troop of 41st millennium AVREs to pushmepullyou those hulks out of the way...

    1. Humm. More work on the Engr assets ?

      Comin' right up. Should post in Early Nov.