Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Command Bunker

We had a lot of conversation about scenery.  In fact, Col Corbane sounded so enthusiastic I suspect he went home and ignored his wife and kids to start on his new terrain projects.  Anyway, here is the command bunker that anchored the PLA's Northern flank during the Apoc game.   Both other players were impressed that it was quite as old as it was.

Five structure points.  Intact with its communication tower.

Four structure points, communication tower gone.

Three structure points. Roof gone.

Two structure points.  Walls gone.

One structure point.  Down to the walls.

And the exit, which is what the occupants will probably need if the bunker is reduced to this level.


  1. Very nicely done and not over the top "Grimdark" gothic either - more functional and believable.

  2. I like all the extra detail on it. very cool.
    Are they cobwebs in the last photo? :p

    1. Yes.

      I removed the mouse shite and repainted the 'area' with oils to aleviate the smell. The trials of it all being stored in the garage. But the plan to refresh the whole place is underway.