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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Wolftime ! If you're an IG player with a couple of hundred points for an allied unit that does compliment...

So, you will have noticed these fellows loping alongside the DKK Chimera in the Apoc game.

Sadly, for reasons beyond human control, Karitas was unable to make the Apoc game. His beautifully finished Space Wolf army would have looked great on the table and more importantly, might have saved the Corbanian's from having to walk everywhere for the rest of the war...  But it looked like there would be no Space Wolves on the table.  Humm.  I could fix that, I thought to myself.

I had a sprue of Space Wolf bits that I had accidentally bought whilst searching for the wolf standard for the Flektarn Iggies.   And I have a box of tic tac spaze murheens handy for another project that is way down someone else's backburner.

Still with me ?   I've got some IG in my collection and had been thinking about how to introduce allies that complimented the IG strengths.  So, basically, what an IG army needs is couple of powered armour wearing close combat specialists.  But I have to do this fluffily.  One way might be an Inquisitor with a Black Templar honour guard.

But slightly more gritty and less dangerous to the Iggies themselves might be lone wolves.  In case you didn't know, these are the last men standing from their 'pack' and as such are on a troll slayer like death quest.  So you get an independent character who can have powered armour or tactical dreadnought armour, with a statline and weapon options that give an Iggy player the chop and bang of a Spaze Murheen.  So a handful of lone wolves (or in this case, loan wolves, n'cest pas ?) have a place in any iggy player's army case.

Once together, they were sprayed with Tamyia's German Grey, then Humbrol sea grey and finally directionally with humbrol mid grey. The other bits and pieces (guns, furs, pultrons etc) were done and then the powered armour was weathered with the AK interactive set I'd used on the Commissar's Panzer.

So here are a few more shots of them, one Long Fang, one Wolf Guard and four Grey Hunters.

We have two power swords and a power axe, with sundry plasma and bolt pistols and power shield.  Lots of wolfie talismans which get you the crown of command some limited protection from pskyers.

And in addition to the Long Fang's Heavy Bolter, there is also a plasma gun and a token bolter.

I may go back and weather them a bit more.  They really should have their bases coloured in.  And there are one or two mould lines that I've not made a particularly good job of.  But on the whole I'm quite pleased with them.  It's just one more thing that makes SM armies popular I suppose, Powered Armour is easier to paint than people in clothes.

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