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Friday, 27 September 2013

The Devos IV liberation campaign so far.

Cornish (oo-ar) Beserkers were seen on Mheuvan 158, but not on Devos IV.

As if you needed reminding...

Devos IV is an important Agriworld in the Dynorwic cluster, with large, productive seas and vast prairies and grox herds.   It is on an almost direct line (accounting for prevailing warp currents) between Cadia and Hydraphur, which puts it equidistant from both the Sabbat Crusade and Cadian Gate warzones.  It has a population of less than 20 million, a well respected PDF with a history of Mechanicus collaboration and modest garrison of IG for the system defence network[1] based on the outer moons.

There has been a long history of increasing liberalism, espousing the rights of the individual and ‘improvements’ in governance over a period of a hundred years or so.  Attempts by the head of the Church to scare the ecclesiasty on the planet into compliance backfired and the problem began to snowball.

Eventually, with a person now known as ‘Caux Na M’rrsee’ close to government, asylum was offered to Apocrypha Quinelle, a witch on the run from the OH.  When eventually cornered, the tables were turned by the authorities on Devos IV, the OH was put on trial for failing to protect her from possession in the first place.  The legitimate Planetary Governor was sidelined without being deposed or arrested and Caux Na M'rrsee became the defacto ruler of the continent of Benq, which is where the newly formed 'people's congress' meets and establishes the new republic.  

The world was split[2], the continent of Benq is in full rebellion with Imperial institutions, mocked, dissolved, dismantled and lately wrecked.  Loyalists gather on the continent of Acer, where the Starport is.  The Cadian 144 Recce Regt are diverted to Devos IV to shore up the regime, but soon find themselves fighting a guerrilla war on Benq.

The OH petition the High Lords and an Army Group (72AG) is sent from Klestor Sub Sector Command (based on Agripinna, nowhere near Klestor).  The Starport is secured[3] and in a couple of months there is a secure base of operations on Acer, depots and rail lines are constructed and the Dyamo of Acer give themselves over to the war effort.

There is a minor fleet action, during which the Imperial Crusier ‘Thunderchild’ is lost with all hands. 

The invasion of Benq begins with Operation Lockheart, the seizure (largely by air) of the city port of Ranstadt.  This culminates with the Battle of Freeman’s square, won largely by the Cadian’s of 2/24, supported by the Arcomet 887th.  It becomes apparent that the Preatorian 5th (nominally the garrison for the system defences on the moon [Devos XII])  Have thrown in their lot with the rebels, as have almost all of the PDF.  It is reported that Deamonic incursions take place during this battle.

The PDF renames itself the People’s Libertine Army (PLA).  The Planetary Governor, Maj Gen Marcus Frith III (Cadia), is escorted to Randstadt by a small number of loyal men from the Devos 2nd regt.  He is placed under house arrest in Acer by the OH.

17 Korps consolidates its position around Randstadt, occupying the strategically important Nolag Heights to the NE of the city.  They are threatened by and respond to feints from the SE.  A number of witches are captured and handed over to the OH.  This, along with overstretch of 17 Korps[4] is used as justification to expand 72AG.  72AG is expanded to three Corps; over half a million fighting men.  A maniple of the Legio Astoria is assigned to the campaign.

A major component of the expanded Imperial Navy force remains on station, preventing a reoccurrence of the ‘Thunderchild’ incident.

With a greatly enhanced force, 4* Gen Zhukov (Vostroya) launches an offensive, the imaginatively entitled Operation Righteous Thunder.  The Colil Promethium Refinery complex is seized with overwhelming force and provides 72AG with a base (and valuable resource) for a push eastwards.  Simultaneously, a distraction action at the Cudlip defence lines (72AG’s next objective) becomes a breach in the rebel defences due to the brilliant quick thinking of Gen Pallumgski (Vostroya) who is promoted for his pivotal role in this successful action.    

Warpsmiths from 'The Cleaved'.  None of these on Devos IV, surely (?).
Paint by Mr Lee.  You shouldn't see any of these on Devos IV at all.  No siree, no CSM here, thank you very much.  This is a local rebellion, for local people. 

[1] The Inquisition now believe that the Eldar attack on the missile silos was an attempt to get the Imperium to bolster its defences.  As it is, it turns out the threat is internal, so much for their over estimated powers of foresight.  Pah !
[2] Idealogically. The cultural revolution was a gradual one, which has allowed persons with strong inclinations one way or the other to move location as it suited them.
[3] Operation Tranquillity.
[4] 72AG basically leaves 17 Korps to occupy the Randstadt area whilst waiting to be given a bigger army in order to prosecute the war in a manner to liking of Gen Zhukov.  They are in the field for almost a year before 72AG takes any further action.


  1. Heh, nice backstory mate.. but I need to get you better photos or fix them so that that poor Khrone terminator is standing upright!

  2. He's the right way up in preview ! ah, well, that's the chaotic nature of chaos, I suppose....

  3. Love the backstory, man - I'm going to have to work Devos IV into my next Rogue Trader rpg campaign in some fashion!

  4. Good, a well put together summary to help us dolts keep the story clear in our noggins.

  5. I absolutely love how you are building such a story around your force. Gives such a character.

  6. I like how clear the story and situation is. Makes it all quite easy to understand