Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Fundahawk progress

Managed a little shading on the ground around the thunderhork.  So it's an improvement (That's a question) compared to previously (post 07 Feb 14).  But the ground is still not as light as my tables.  I may just darken the tables...

I had a chat with PVP when he dropped in and we discussed toning down the rust and improving the canopy.  But small steps, eh ?


  1. I dig it! Definitely gives it a bit more definition - good stuff, man!

  2. Looking good matey! I am not sure you need to tone down the rust other than just doing a few small washes maybe? Darken it up in spaces but not overall. A couple pft pft with the airbrush could also give it some nice tonal differences here and there as well. As stated though, looking good :)

  3. A very impressive piece, really liking this. I actually quite liked the last one, looked like it was being sucked into the terrain. But I appreciate the improvement here, the definition that's been mentioned is a good step.

  4. I wonder who stole the big gun that's normally sported on top?

  5. Great stuff...although I woudn't put it past you to buy a titan just to turn it into scenery!

    1. Acutally, that's make a cool modelled scene: a bunch of Guardsmen all pulling down a titan with ropes, a la the statue of Saddam being pulled down duing Iraq 2...

  6. Just for you Admiral: