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Friday, 18 September 2015

Blood Pact 2

So Siege Studios are doing seven squad leaders - they have the bits (I hope) and we should see them soon (I hope).

The first tranche of Blood Pact appeared here.  In the comments, Slovak said "I want to see thousands of them. Thousands."  So I've done some more.

 Etogaur (roughly 'Colonel'); he's a FW Alpha Legion head, which although does not have an Oni mask like most of the other Blood Pact 'grotesque' heads, the mask is suitably leering.  The Scion Officer's body being suitably high status and officer-y.

Bodyguard with scion arms, Wargames Factory body and assorted belt kit.  The heads here are curious constructs renegades.  Which are lovely and will break up the existing sea of maxmini heads.

Etogaur's personal assistant.  Scion comms stuff.  And the other bodyguard.

More Blood Pact next Friday. But more flekkies next....


  1. Needs a rebel astropath to help him divine early enemy troop movements and get the a latest lotto results.

    Looking good so far.