Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Photography Practice

I went to the Tadcaster Airshow at the weekend with a couple of old friends (they're my age, so they are old friends....) to commemorate the increasingly mundane fact that I have survived another 365 days (I'm not complaining).  The airshow is at the former RAF Church Fenton, which was still (just) a fast jet training flying station when I first climbed into a FV4201.

If you look on the interwebs for it, it's under "Yorkshire Airshow".

Anyway, this is the same camera and same lens as I photograph minis with.  So considering that some of the picts of minis are okish, I'm really quite pleased with this as an exercise in photography.

There was any amount of fast moving cloud scudding about, but it was all much higher than the flying displays.

The displays were all very low, mostly around 200 to 300 meters, at a rough estimate.

The yellow here contrasts nicely, it also shows up better against the clouds where that's what's in the frame; this scheme is for the 'Yellow Jacks' the forerunners of the Red Arrows.  Now you know that, you should be able to identify this aeroplane; I'm anticipating that if you read this blog regularly, the other three are EPLS.

You can see how this would be harder to see at a greater distance, against a pale sky.

These were all taken in the 'sport' setting, so I was able to shoot almost 800 picts in a couple of hours. I'm showing you four.  Actually more than 0.5% are ok; there are some sequences of the Vulcan making passes.  From an easy 400m away, it made the ground shake.  What a kool toy.

Anyway, back to 40K next.


  1. Lurvely. Me and a couple of mates went over to our big airshow a few years back and that was something else. You guys back in Blighty are lucky that you get more than one of these a year and you get some serious looking bits of kit turning up. The highlight of my experience was getting up close and personal with a broke down B1 bomber (before a gruff Yankee Marine told me ever so politely to move along) that wasn't able to do its planned fly overs, and a low pass from one of their F22 Raptors which got my chest rattling.

    Was there much of an emphasis on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain?

    1. Oh yes. A fair amount of Battle of Britain stuff went on; which was generally very good. Huge fly past with Prince Harry involved - gave up his seat for a BoB Veteran when one of the two seaters developed a fault.

  2. Last Vulcan I saw was about 25 years ago at an airshow in Norfolk or some such with my grandfather. Bloody thing came in super low, then banked up and hit it's afterburners - thought my ears were going to burst.

    Those pics are rather nicely done. Clear and crisp with good placement of the image within the frame.

    Happy 365 sir.

  3. I'd never seen a Vulcan before (even sitting on the ground) but I am now absolutely a fan. Especially of the sound!