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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The last Flekkies

So trawling the bits box I found the very last stock of Wargames Factory head that I have used for the 'flekkie' iggies. So these will be the very last 'flekkies'.

The obvious thing (to me) seemed to be to get the FW vets with shotguns and give the flekkies even more interest.

There's a mixture of Vicky Lamb, GW and Anvil Industry legs.  There are also two sets of arms (probably maxmini) with the spare shotguns as well as the obligatory sergeant with a plasma pistol.

All with belt kit and a gentle sprinkling of shotgun cartridges. Also there is this guy on his own:

Cadian body and legs with scion arms and hellgun and a FW Cadian hat.  He'll go with the Cadian Straken (there's one more built the same) and the two hellgun toting dudes will be Straken's homies.

Blood Pact on Friday...

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  1. I almost certainly have some spare heads in coalskuttles. Let me know if you need any.