Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Investment Appraisal

I need some air support - painted in just some-buggers-airforce colours so that is can either cover the separatists or repressive Imperium, depending on who needs it.

There's this:

Which would be available for less than $20SA each (£10.24).  So that'd be plus postage and tax.  Still sounds good and I've no shortage of Iggie Heavy Weapons to stick on them.

But I really like this:

Epic conversion job by Chris over at 22 Vostroyan Royal Regiment.   Kirton Games will sell you one of these for less than £25.00.

So ~ £100 will get either four fast jets or possibly eight gunships.  Or two Helldrakes.  I could plasticard a nest and give them a cadbury creme egg to hatch...

It's a toughie.  Eight gunships wins on the table top; four fast jets wins the rule of kool.  Wadda ya think ?  No, really, what would you do ?

Those LCC deals have always looked good and as I write this, they are offering world wide shipping for $1.00SA.

Anyway, moving on to current affairs, this is one of the answers to the little quiz I put out a couple of weeks ago.


  1. Those Laser Cut Card gunships are the best option, both in generic looks for versatility in gaming use and also cos you get so many more for your squids.

    I think the not-ork fighter is a bit pants and not at all IG-like in design.

  2. I'm afraid I have to posit a contrary view.. The card gunship looks like what it is, a cheap paper model. its too blocky and lacking in detail for me.

    I like the ork conversion a lot, and a less busy paint scheme would make it more convincigly IG I feel. mate it up with some trukk conversions too for the whole RAFork feeling!

  3. Go the rule of kool every time!! I vote jet!! :D