Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Armageddon Steel Legion 3rd Troop Progress

Antennae, decals, spare turret, base coated stowage.  And yes, despite the blue, these are daylight photos (iphone 4S). 

I had to go back over the decals the day after with 'ard coate as they had mostly began to peel off.  It's almost certainly due to their being up to twelve years old, rather than any actual quality reason.

And this is another broken rule.  From Secret Weapon who are one of the manufacturing dynasties of Forge World Sacrmento in the California System.  The casting is good and the detail is superb.  And it all fits and is so simple it doesn't need instructions.

With TL Lascannon from a Land Raider sprue, this will be a new Wolverine for the Steel Legion.  Of course, I might stretch to one more, these babies ain't cheap...


  1. No, those secret weapon AFVs aren't cheap at all!

  2. Nope not cheap but Mr Justin produces some very fine pastries. I mean, cakes. I mean models.

  3. Plus £16 in import duty....

  4. This fleecing brought to you by her majesty's royal customs. A department you can trust.

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