Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Armageddon Steel Legion heavy armour

So this update does not include the Chimerae of the Infantry screen or the Sentinels, so these arn't complete family portraits, just the heavy armour element.  

A group shot showing the corpus.  42 troop look conspicuously dirty (not a problem).  The new tanks of 43 troop look even more conspicuously clean.  Because they still are, in this picture (taken quickly whilst the small people were out).

Squadron HQ and 41 Troop, with the Commandant's Crassus in the background.

The newer elements here, 43 Troop and the Stormsword, obviously in need of a little more work.  Once this photo was taken I actually time to finish all of the base colours on 43 Troop (hurrah !) which means the next stage is the oils wash for these four tanks.

The Commandant's Crassus doubles as 902 Div HQ, it is from here that General Commandant Welbhann commands 902 Div.

The Stormsword is provided for a Steel Legion tank regiment commander to command his tanks from during an engagement.  In reality, as Divisional commander, he cannot afford time away from the Divisional HQ, meaning that command of the Stormsword is delegated to one of his trusted subordinates.

But overall the whole lot them look OK and when the washes are done, the other rest of the weathering should be fairly swift to complete.


  1. Now with oil washes ! Blinkin' heck it was cold in the garage last night.

    A little judicious rust, mud on the tracks and a sprinkle of dust over the next couple of nights as Mrs Z goes out with her friends and these should be ready to go back in the box by the weekend...

    1. Can't wait to see them with those extra effects on them.

  2. You defo need more to take on my Relictors! And I'm an old man too fella. Waiting for the garage to warm up so I can spray more of the Titan and bikes.

  3. Seeing so much Guard Armor all lined up makes my heart skip a beat! The look great, and I'm sure the perform well on the Field of Battle.

  4. I like the camo on these with the red numbering. Impressive sight sir.

  5. Wow. A really impressive force. Terrific paint jobs.

    Any chance of a full army shot sometime?

    Dahedd (first post, long time lurker)