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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Bloodcoats

The Bloodcoats are Heretics; they have bought into Chaux Na'merci's rebellion. They are fairly standard PDF unit following the IG Codex more or less.

In terms of modelling, these are mostly Cadians and FW peices; it looks like a Vraks army. With the chaos icons in the platoon command squads stripped out, they could pass for Salvar Chem Dogs.

HQ Still no HQ for these guys either; maybe the human wave guy from the codex. Maybe not.

Troops: two platoons; Command squads and five squads

Elite: Thudd Gun Battery, Ogryn beserker squad

Fast attack: Not a hope

Heavy Support: Nine Autocannon teams, twelve mortar teams, a troop of three LRMBT (only two at the moment).

Looks like a reasonable defensive line up to me, with the Ogryn as a fearsome counter attack unit. These boys are the PLAs anvil.

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