Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Monday, 21 September 2009

More house rules

Dice will shaken in a pot (old paint/filler pot) and rolled into a suitable tray (baneblade box). Cocked dice will be removed and reshaken.

Nothing goes onto the game table that is not part of either army or scenery. No food, no drink, templates, dice, books, rules, army lists. No reinforcements yet to be deployed, no 'dead' units. All these things remain on the side table.

All figures used will be based, basecoated and have at least three colours applied as a minimum standard before use.

Loser is the umpire for the next round. Winner makes the teas and coffees.

Certain things that are heavy weapons in the Basic Rule Book (BRB) and codexes can only either move or fire. ie they cannot both move and fire in the same turn as they need to be set up and/or dismantled and are bulky, heavy (doh) and awkward. These are mounted on 60mm bases.

Certain weapons (Devos 2nd Regt Las cannons, DKK grenadier Heavy Flamer, Devos 2nd Regt heavy stubber and Bloodcoat Heavy stubber) whilst 'heavy weapons' for all other purposes; are designed to be mobile and will be allowed to move and fire in the same round. These are mounted on 40mm round bases. These units cannot 'run'.

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