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Friday, 25 September 2009

inching forwards

Well, I did a load of Bloodcoats. There should now be enough Bloodcoats for the 400 pt games. I've since been working on the 144th Cadian Recce Regt's weasels (HALO warthogs with Cadian crews).

I've also acquired an airbrush. I shall set out today and get some compressed air and propriatory thinners for it. As it's Friday, I shall be going home tonight (this afternoon). So having my first go with the airbrush will have to wait until next week.

Also next week I will be working on the DE 400 point forces. Twenty warriors and three Raiders should be achievable within a week !

Moving on, listening to Radcliff and McConie last night, they were discussing the extremely important subject of music journalism (sneered the bloke with a blog about toy soldiers). Anyway, Stuart likened a lot of blogs to literary masturbation (my words, not his). So many blogs are written and then read by only a very few persons.

Work is getting to a frustrating state where a lot of people are just waiting for the end of the project - everyone knows that at some point in the foreseeable future, they will be told that their services are no longer required. But not actually knowing when makes it impossible to plan. Two people were given an end date, consequently terminated their accommodation contract and now have been asked to stay on another month. So they are back to living in hotels for a month.

I have a lot of fortykay stuff just kicking around the cabin. I need another figure case and two more ikea boxes to pack it all into, otherwise I cannot vacate the premises. And I really want to finish the armies for the 400 point games before I do leave Kent, due to the awkwardness of trying to finish them at home.

Inching forwards ? Yes. Do I have enough time ? Almost certainly. As long as I keep my production rate at the current steady level.

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