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Friday, 4 September 2009

So, how will it work ?

We have Four (six ?) armies:

Eldar (poss split into Bel Tain and Ulthwe)

IG (sub divided into DKK, Devos IV PDF, Valhallans, and then sub bits of ASL, Vostroyans & Cadians)

(And a theoretically legal Inquistorial warband as well)

Heretics (the Bloodcoats) and Renegades (the Tigers).

(Now as part of the H&R army there is also a legal Emperor's Children (Chaos Spaze Muhreen) army.)

Dark Eldar (the infamous Cabal of the Broken Teaspoon)

And a number (five) of players:

Zzzzzz, CNJ, AD(HD), MCA & MCH.

So; does everyone choose an army at the beginning and stick with it, learning how it works and so forth ?

Or do we let people choose a different one each time (with the order of the choosers pre-determined on a rolling programme) ?

Or do we randomise the entire process ?

Or something else ?

Do feel free to offer an opinion, otherwise I will just make it up. And I will not be fair or equitable, I will have you all do my bidding, Mwa ha ha... (exits vertically on a flying chair, stroking a dog dressed as a white persian cat)

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