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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

And some more progress

This is General Commandant Welbahn's Forward HQ wagon.  The basic ASL camo is done but I'm not happy that the seam around the cab is so prominent.  I may have to sand, fill and sand it.

The Crassus is a fab model, the interior is full modelled and would look great, you could assemble this and magnetise the roof if you wanted.  And, after listening to PVP and Karitas, the instructions for this are actually useful (although for a FW model it goes together like a kinder surprise).

The high level exhaust will show off the rusting and sooting quite nicely.

I got some hex masks from the Anarchy stencils kickstarter.  This is me trying them out on the back quarter of the Industrial Mechanica Warthog. You can clearly see where there was a lack of adhesion at the edges, but these arn't flat surfaces, so it's a 'not bad' result.

The question is "Will this paint effect in two or more colours look ok over the whole vehicle ?"  I'm interested if you have a view.  At the minute I'm thinking that due to the fluting and irregular surfaces, a more normal splinter pattern using thin tamiya masking tape would produce a better result.

And these are the Hedge-hog pattern Hydrae that Admiral Drax put together.  A nice kit which goes together well.  I'm looking forward to getting some paint on these.


  1. awfully glad those stencils work (ish) on something. Their lack of adherence on the scout car was a real disappointment. Those just look like weathering. Nifty

  2. I'm quite taken with the stenciling. Looks decent from here.

  3. Ooooh very nice! I've always wanted to get my hands on a Crassus, and yours is looking fantastic! Really dig the stencil hex camo - good stuff, man!

  4. Yay - hedgeogs!

    (I saw Sherman the hedgehog in our garden last night too...)

  5. With my recent reentry back to the grimdark, i've been working on a lot of regiments that have been left unattended to. With that said. The Yurien 3rd Armored totally needs a Crassus b/c that thing looks seriously awesome

  6. Agreed, crassus is an important investment for any guard commander with a 30-man blob he needs to get up into the enemies face. :)

    oh and i tend to prefer 4 colour camo at this scale if you want it to look suitably detailed and authentic. :)