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Friday, 29 August 2014

DKK Vehicle Fleet progress 2014.

It's the w/e of 16/17 Aug and Mrs Z has had a wisdom tooth out; so whilst she is recuperating, I've got a few hours in the garage. 

You can see here the camouflage, decals and luggage on a representative Salamander.

The whole fleet out for a pin wash and mud on the tracks.  This is what thirty nine LR and Chimerae chassis' looks like; there are still six hedgehog pattern Hydrae, one thunderer and two lynx to add.  The ones that look as if they are a different colours are still wet.

The DKK riposte to the King Russ, including pin wash.  I'll pin the tracks out flat and weather them and then add them to the model.  And do a bit of work on the commander as well.  Along with the rest of the fleet, there will be some spot rust flicked on with a toothbrush*. And some sponged on chipping.

The two Thunderer conversions.  The sooting on the extractor fans is deliberate, but the last time you saw these, they were just grey plastic, I think.  Now they are up to the same stage as the rest of the fleet.

A couple of the chimerae.  Some of the stowage got knocked off during the process and will get stuck back on.  My plan includes treating all of the spare road wheels at once; any adjustments to the fleet will be done like that for homogeneity.  Now, I won't pretend that any of these are going to win me a Golden Demon, but the whole lot them together, with their weathering, stowage & mud being similar across the collection will, I hope, make the whole thing pleasing to the eye.

These photos were largely illuminated by the camera flash, the contrast between the camouflage, detailing and so on is not so harsh as it looks in the photos, however, I thought it gave a good impression of the state of the DKK fleet at the minute. 

They all need pintle weapons and the crew/hatches fixing in place.  We'll see how Mrs Z feels next weekend ! Update: Bank Holiday weekend and I've found time to do a little more titillation; Boltgun metal and then Mig rust on the road wheels that are part of the stowage on the Chimerae, gluing back on all the stowage that was knocked off last weekend, more oil stains around the LR fuel caps, rust on the Panther exhausts, rust on the Crassus exhaust and a little more oil staining on the non-aligned hellhounds. Thunderer exhausts are weathered and I've started collecting together the Heavy Stubbers for this little lot. Also cogitating about smoke dischargers and searchlights on the Chimerae - I think they'll pass muster as they are, I suspect that putting more on them might just leave them looking overcrowded and messy. er. 

* It should be a teethbrush.  It would only be a toothbrush if it was for a whale.


  1. That's a lot of Mech mate - very pleasing to the eye.

    Is that the front end of a Vindicator being used for the Thunderer's?

    Not shabby at all - en mass the scheme across the whole is very effective. Running a process across the fleet is the way to go I think - any time you put down anything like this - having continuity across the whole will sell the job better than any top flight paint job (not knocking your job mind).

    1. Yes, they are a plasticard/Leman Russ/Vindicator mash up; you'll have to go back several years to see them under construction. Ask Rouge Pom, he'll have seen them ;).

      And there is another one to make.

  2. Wow - these look just amazing!

    And you're right about teethbrush. Yup. That's got me a-thinkin'...

  3. Yup teeth brush, totally agree.

    The mech looks awesome, quantity has a quality all it's own. And it's really good to see you getting your fingernails dirty again too and getting a bunch of painting and finishing progress done.

    Though I think you're going to need a bigger table to play them all.

  4. That... Is a lot of tanks. But one can never have enough tanks, right? Really dig how they look all ranked up, man - good stuff!

  5. Love the homage to WW2 camos. On such a scale is an impressive sight.

    My supervisor has one real tooth remaining in her mouth, so she can use a "toothbrush".

  6. Very impressive. And should the Long Haired Admiral rumble on at my collection, I have only to click on your link and say "But look how many he's got!"

    1. Glad to have provided this important public service.

  7. @ Drax, Karitas & M7, cheers gents, I'll be happy when the pintle mounts are on, crew are in and hatches are on.

  8. Them are some damn sexy tanks you got going there. I think you hit the nail with the head on getting the old gaggle done at once. It'll ensure that they all fit in together, minor details may still be different, but the weathering, shading, etc... all has the same look. Very Good!!