Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Some progress.

After the three way in the garden we sat down to tidy up a few outstanding bits from the plastic crack mountain.

Karitas, possibly overcome with charity, embarked upon the assembly of a FW Thunderbolt.  Sort of like the 'village spitfire'.  The picture shows some of the big gaps which doubtless Kartias might mention on excommunicate tratoris.  Along with the instructions.

Basing - the chosen, valhallans, bulkytroopers (swapped with Admiral Drax for some tempestus scions).  I made tea as well.

And Admiral Drax built a couple of hydrae for me as well.  More on them later.

And some of you might be interested in learning that I was in contact with Col Scipio recently.  He hasn't forgotten wargaming at all and is collecting ideas for when he returns.


  1. To news about Scipio.

    Your catch up with the lads has been productive by the looks of it.

    Ray and I have another get together in a
    couple of weeks. Very much looking forward to it. Hobbying with those of like mind is a good way to spend a weekend.

  2. Nice to see work getting done.

    Glad to know Scipio is able to find time with his busy schedule to get some hobby time in. Looking forward to seeing a post on his blog.

  3. Scipio = win.

    I really do like communal modelling - it's a lot more fun than skulking around in the darkened cottage on my own.

    Oh, and here is a picture of my all-uses knife (as we discussed): http://i21.geccdn.net/site/images/n-picgroup/IRW_2082200B.jpg
    Obviously, the reason I thought the brand was Australian ws becuase it's 'Irwin'. It's a lovely thing. 15mm conversions? - no problem!

    1. Oh, I thought you'd said Austrian. Which made sense. I can see why Irwin might link to 'Strailian in someone's mind, though.

      I need a knife now, I'm struggling to get into my world cup babybel...