Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

2014 reinforcements. 7th Mordian Iron Guard

The 7th Mordian Iron Guard are in 905 Div with the Palladian Guard; General Commandant Welbahn like to keep formations with similar temperaments together, he believes that it gives better cohesion than mixing up different cultures.

A rifle squad in front of their Chimera.  A large portion of the Mordian 7th are recruited from a penal institution for criminal pyromaniacs.  Mordia has a problem with fire starters in the Hives on the dark side.  some of those who are caught end up in penal institutions and when the tithe is due, the prison system is one of the first places looked at for recruits.

This does not mean that Mordian Regiments favour flamers.  Far from it, these man are now professional soldiers.  The only set fires in public buildings when they're on R&R.

And I hope you know who painted these guys, if you don't, put down your device right now and step away from the internet.  Oh and those funky chimera are available here.


  1. Really happy they made it safely, was dreading what the travel through the Warp (aka the postal service) would do to 'em!

  2. Heh - Loved these when they were first previewed on his blog. A fine addition to your mass of Astra Militarum.