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Friday, 30 January 2015

Kickstarter update !

My maki kickstarter kit has arrived; Thu 08 Jan 14.  Possibly a little over due, but I now have 3kg of mostly gothic archways to provide the bulk of my yet-to-be-designed basillica.


I've got plywood, polystyrene, hardboard and left over bits from my Imperial City (it's better in Spanish - Cuidad Imperiale - go on, say it out loud, whilst pretending you're Antonio Banderas or General Pinnochet - a little bit inappropriate, but it'll make you want tapas and Cerveza all day...) and one Imperial Memorium kit.  I may get another to have double Eagles flanking the vast doors I'm dreaming of.

No need to get my dad excited yet, the garage is too cold at the moment.  But I can plan for when it warms up a bit.


In terms of Kickstarters, I've had nothing from Raging Heroes - I have asked for it to all come at once, but I'm seeing a lot of TGG figures going up about the place and am thinking that it would be nice, if not to see them arrive, then at least to know when they might be here.

And the last stuff from Mark Mandragon - Eisenkarn APCs and a command squad.  Pre-publication update: I got the Parcelforce invoice for the HMRC duty on Sat 17 Jan 15 - £48.82.  I'm going to be very careful in future about even considering kickstarters from outside of the EU.  To date, everything I have received from the US has been worth the money I've paid the producer and the customs duty as well. But in each case, the duty has far exceeded the savings accrued from being a backer. Now, I know that part of what I have done has established the Eisenkarn models and they now appear on Wayland Games' 'site etc etc, and I am happy with that.  And I am also content that some of my hard earned goes into keeping UK PLC propped up.  But there are better places to put my hobby pennies that get better VFM.   Now added to the plastic crack mountain. 

And then I put a few quid towards Heresy Miniatures kickstarter, because he did one.  We know that the metal heresy dragon took a very long time, so this is one I am happy to wait for.  One day, folk singers will compose odes and ballads about Andy Foster and his Dragon...


  1. I've pretty much stopped backing miniatures kickstarters altogether. Just seems cheap ways for already established producers to make funds they would otherwise pull in by just previewing product and then releasing on their own webstores. Plus I can't stand waiting possible years for something I paid for already.

  2. Wow.

    I love that HMRC do their job (in the same way I love that speed cameras and traffic wardens do theirs), and I genuinely absolutely love living in a country where even if you're not self-employed you'll occasionally get a letter out of the blue from HMRC saying "Oh hi! It turns out you paid too much tax. Here's a cheque for what we shouldn't have wrung out of you"...

    ...But yeah: it's a pain when they sting you for imports.

    As for "Antonio Banderas or General Pinnochet"? I am - as I type - sounding in my head like their bastard love-child.

  3. There is nothing like waiting for a KS to be done! I wish I could simply forget about some of mine and be happy when they rock up. Sometimes it is like watching paint dry. I backed Alien V Predator the miniature game. Due to some mistake their KS page went down and now they have given up on trying to post updates. Radio silence is a killer!