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Thursday, 1 January 2015

2014's reinforcements. DKK 262 Line Regt

Here they are all together.  Two rifle platoons of six squads plus command squad and a support platoon of nine auto cannon, nine laser cannon and attached field artillery - three trench mortars and three quad launchers.

Representative Platoon command section. These fellows were all done by Possum Painting, who are now doing websites, rather than minis.

Quad Launchers.  'coz you have to if you have a DKK army.  It's in the rules.  Like giving them vaguely Germanic monikers and calling your tanks panzers and so on.

The whole bunch of them again, just because.  The epitome of utter dedication and self sacrifice. In blue trench coats, moved around by quasi derelict relic space ships. No reprieve, no going home.  Tough gig. Their names are entered on a ceremonial record ("The Honoured Dead") the day they leave.  Dead men walking indeed.

Slightly more detail on the rifle squads.  The beauty of using official DKK lists is their stubbornity and BS4.

There'll be a post every day for the next 6 days, at about 11ish.  Like this post, it's all figures that have been on Devos IV this year (with one exception, but they arrived on Christmas Eve eve and therefore count as 2014 reinforcements), but re-shot to show them off a bit.


  1. That's a monster collection right there, looks fantastic.

  2. More WW1 French than German in my mind, but I think that's an opinion thing than anything else.
    Regardless, they are a splendid sight all arrayed like that.You are a lucky chap indeed.