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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Counts-as Armoured Sentinel comparison

These models are both WIP.  The Steel Legion sentinel and the Saranian light infantry 'armoured sentinel'.  The ASL model is ready for detailing, decals, pinwash etc.  The Saranian model should eventually end up in an ambush colour scheme like this

You may remember this.  Andy BG has kindly magnetised the weapon options for these babies.  So they can look like the sperm whale headed children of the apocalypse with their lethal bunches of doom.  If that sounds a little, well, poetic, I'm hoping that finished item photos will illustrate what I meant.

But these picts are just to show the dust models against a proper GW Sentinel.  So here they are.

Sky fire !


  1. That is a great looking set of legs right there.

  2. The Dust walker looks better than the official Sentinal imo.

  3. I'll never not love 40k sentinel models.