Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Frostgrave Cultists.

If you a regular browser, you'll know that I am the proud owner of a number of Inq28 warbands.  As fluftastic as it can be, the various Ordos and factions cannot always be fighting each other, they must have some baddies to fight some of the time. 

This guy came with the rest of the Devonian emigres.  Obviously, a high functioning psyker with a long pedigree has is going to end up with a huge chip on his shoulder if he's left lanquishing in someone's bitz box for years.  And years.  Stewing in his own anger and resentment for years.  Connected to the warp.  So now he's got appropriate arms, with those characterful hands (from the cultist kit).  He's out for rewengy.  Don't laugh at the way he talks, you'll just make him madder.

Some of these old skool minis are just so wonderful.

And on to the cultists !  VL arms and blightwheel backpacks have turned out some interesting minis

The frostgrave kit is fine, with enough pointy hood heads for my needs plus s selection of other bits and pieces which would make it an option for other purposes.  I see it mixing up with the flagellant kit quite nicely.

Angry men, now undercoated and destined for series of browns and greys and possibly red pointy hats.


  1. Angry psyker is a lovely sculpt. With those arms he looks even better.

    Those cultists are fun. Low door arches might prove tricky though.

  2. Nice work on these, and they will certainly be useful for INQ28 or other more skirmish oriented games.

    For my own INQ28 plans, I have tried to build a Radical/Conservative inquisitor for all three Ordos, and then a group for them to fight/be supported by. (Sisters for Ordo Herecticus support, Cultists to fight against) but as you might imagine that becomes quite a large number of figures to build and paint!

  3. Sorry I did laugh at the way he talks – but then I felt bad about it. And wow, Confrontation era, sweet! Great addition to the collection. Very very nice looking cultists too.

  4. Huzzah for the cultists! Very nice.

  5. Ooh, I love the Frostgrave cultists - I may have to 'get inspired' by this and steal that wholesale. :)