Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Mid point review

Ok, so the rate of progress looks better for this year, despite my hobby resources being swallowed up by HMRC.  There's still quite a bit to do, though.  I will definitely take Andy BG up on his foolish offer - and Drax as well, depending on his circumstances.

DKK Salamanders                        Done
Nightwraith fighters                   DoneValhallans - now so old they need touching up. 
Leviathan Mortis' -                       
Despatched to the Dark Mechanicus
Full Size ATAT fleet
                     Test Mega Bolter Done
Clone wars Vendetta conversions
World Eaters Land Raider             
Despatched to the Dark Mechanicus
Inquisitorial Gun Cutter               
Isenkearn APC                             
Test Model Done
Last Kasarkin & Straken       Done
TGG Jailbirds                            Done in January  
TGG Iron Empire                       Done 

Trawling the boxes:
·                     Arco-eviscorators             Done
·                     Crusader                          Done
·                     3 Armoured Sentinels        WIP
·                     Blood Pact Tranche 2        WIP
·                     Blood Pact Tranche 3        WIP
·                     3 ASL LRMBT                    Done

Broken rules (some from last year's Broken Rules):

Two chaos Knights.
Deadpool                                    Done
Chaos Hellblade.                         Done (not actually a broken rule, its a Chrimbo prezzie)
Crocodile Gunships
Secret Weapon Wolverine            Done
Reinforcements for Devos IV PDF 2nd Regt
2 Sword Brethern                        Done
9 Corny Zerkers                          Done
Geno Five Two                           Done
Betrayal At Calth
Horus Heresy book Six
Deathwatch Overkill
5 Macrocosm genestealer cultists
Mad Max extras                           Done
Frostgrave Cultists                     WIP
Fury Road Cars                           WIP

Stuff not even looked at:

3rd Thunderer Conversion.  
"Word Bearers" er, um, tbc. 
Meridian Infantry
Imperial Basillica
1/35 Luchs (1x DKK Command Post and 1x DKK Supply Vehicle) 

Special Mention:

The Cadian 24th                     You'll have to ask Admiral Drax