Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Blood Pact Reduex.

You may remember these.

Some more have been done, this time by Raven's Nest Painting.

So as Slovak asked for of these, here they are.  Etogaur there in the centre.  Blood Mage with the sword trailing blue flames.  And a Platoon Commander with a bloodthirster sword (power weapon) and the other Platoon Commander is behind the Blood Mage.

Those three at the back are death brigade types.

The family portrait.

The guy with the bolter is a sergeant.  The type with the shield will be one of the Etogaur's body guards.

Death Brigade bloke at the front.

Sentinels.  Original lead sentinels from the 1980s.  More treasure from Devon.

Death Riders.  These are Blight Wheel Terror Birds.

So, these will soon (c'mon Reaper !) be joined by a trio of Victoria Lamb sledgehammers.

Other things I plan on getting some Curious Construct mortars: heavy trench mortars and the multi-barrelled type.   So the Blood Pact can be run using the DKK Siege List.

So the sentinels will have to be an allied unit - but when I saw them, even as a pile of unpainted bits, I just knew that this would be their destiny !  Bwaa ha ha ha.

And If you're Mad Max/Fury Road fan, get a load of this.  I'm not too sure if it's genius, a labour of love or some as yet un-diagnosed mental illness. But it is art.


  1. Great to see the Blood Pact coming to life. Well played. Now for some stalker tanks?

  2. Loving these! The blight wheel birds for rough riders are excellent in particular.

  3. Sweeeeeet! I've been inches away from buying some of the blight wheel terror bird cavalry on several occasions, really cool to see them in the wild!