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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

It's not in any Codex ! You can't do that !


GW had a long history of codexing units it then didn't produce models for.  "Codexing"  - so totes a wurd.

I've built a squad of jump 'zerkers.

 Lined up on the Brick of Scrutiny: Anvil and GW bits.

So, then tossing some ideas around for actually painting them - here's my quandary:

  1. Classic mostly bright red with metallic detailing (like other 'Zerkers)
  2. Brass (a bit like Minotaurs) A sort of Khornate Elite [Sanguinary] Guard
  3. Black with red crosses on their shoulders and legs

I'm thinking of a sort of Sanguinary Guard.  Once they're painted, they will be virtually indistinguishable from blood for the blood god angels anyway.  But I am open to other suggestions.  

Blood for the blood Emperor an' all that.

And because they're wearing jump packs, they can be artfully arranged like a flower.  It's not all blood and death then.  Oh, wait...


  1. Not all Berzerkers are World Eaters. I painted up a squad of Berzerkers in Night Lord colours.

    Your Berzerkers could always be a squad of corrupted Blood Angels who have finally given into the Blood God and gone renegade.

  2. They look pretty sweet. I think going for the bronze would be cool to distinguish them and running them as raptors.

  3. Easter Marines - make them pink like the Easter Bunnies cos they've got the silly helmet ears for the job. (Might need fluffy cotton tails too...)

  4. Thanks for this post, funniest thing I have read all day (it's been a bleak kind of day).
    I am particularly fond of the Brick of Scrutiny, it's title suggests that much heavy pondering occurs in it's presence.

  5. I think brass or bronze would look good. I like the idea of sort of mirroring the Sangiunary guard.

  6. Thank you gentlemen. Brassy brass it will be...