Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Sunday, 27 November 2016


Hello Dahedd !  I've no idea if you still look in or not, but I've just gone back all those years and seen your questions.  Hopefully if you're still interested, you'll have watched this.

Additionally, I can offer you:

The Eldar vehicles

The majority of the IG vehicles

The closest thing to a complete family picture of the Iggies. And the Elysians

Really early picts of the Eldar.

And 'cause everyone likes picts of Iggies, I'll put these back up.

Anyway,  here's looking forward to a child free, fair weather weekend for a new parade in 2017.  With these boys front and centre:


  1. Found an old, unresponded to comment eh?

  2. Ha. Get on the parade ground lad.

  3. The parade ground is looking good. Safe to say, there aren't any new completed troops to add to mine.

  4. wow, cheers mate. How far back was my comment?

    I'm still here, haven't touched a model in well over a year (bloody work, bloody kids, bloody commute) but browsing your blog amongst others keeps me sane on the train home.

    Keep up the awesome work

  5. Now that's respectable blogger'ing. Am sure I've let dozens of poor commenters down by forgetting to honour their requests over the years....