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Friday, 18 November 2016

Searching for a head. Or a graphic novel.

So, some of you, I know occasionally play computer games.  I'm hoping that there's some one out there who is a bit of a Killzone fanboy.

I don't do FPS, principally because I'm rubbish at it and can't get past the warm up thingy which most people skip at the beginning of a game.  So this stems from idle curiosity, not me ever having actually played the game or even knowing someone who owns a copy.  Anyway, I am interested in the Killzone/Helghast fluff; largely as a possible background for another IG unit.  Like you hadn't figured out already.

The problem trying to find a graphic novel about this franchise is that one of the games in the series has a feature where the Player Character spends his time collecting the pages of a torn up graphic novel during the game....

So googling Killzone and/or Helghast Graphic Novel doesn't actually bring up a graphic novel (if there is one) but pages and pages of stuff referencing the sequences in the game where the pages are collected and then millions of words about the meaning and content of the in-game comic.

So, Oh wise and mighty blogosphere, am I on a hiding to nothing ?  Is there a graphic novel or something out there that my feeble google-fu has been unable to find ?

And, just to bring this back to the table top, what about heads like this ?

There's VL heads which have the DKK like breathing tube vibe or there's the Pig Iron kolony militia heads which have a Vervunhive/Helghast vibe going on.  Hummm, I wonder....


  1. I might know a guy... Lemme get back to you.

  2. Im a huge Killzone fanboy, i can answer all sorts of questions, or if you prefer, the website for Killzone 2 (link below) has a pretty neat chronology of events in a nice bite size form, the wikia is also solid. if youre looking for the comics and manga. i'll drop the link for that as well. I don't know how those tie in directly with the games chronology, but they look nice. The comic i think you're after specifically is the one from Shadow Fall, you basically find each of the pages in the game as collectibles. Its called "The Shadow" and i've linked a compilation of all the pages on youtube below all the other stuff. http://killzone2.killzone.com/kz/storyline.psml

    1. I've always liked you, I never cared what the others said ;)

  3. The Dreamforce Games Valkir sets have these type heads as spares. I'm using the kit as alternative SoB but using female heads. I have a spare lot of these masked heads in my bits box. I'll send you an email pic?