Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Devos IV PDF 13th Mechanised Infantry "The Tigers"

Here they are, three platoons - currently two platoons of two squads and a SWS each.  And one platoon of three squads.  I'd like to equalise these = three platoons of three squads and one SWS each.  These guys have a mortar section somewhere, but should rely on their counts-as-chimeras which they don't yet have for their intimate support.

Straken with a priest and four Heavy Flamers.  Because broken.  Suck it up cringing dogs of the corpse emperor.

Harker and his veterinarian squad - all animals are safe at last.  So missing from this line up are 3 Scount Sentinels, a squad of 10 Rough Riders, the aforementioned 3 mortars and their accompanying 3 Auto cannons.

These guys are gonna need quite a few sets of wheels when I eventually get around to it.

My last note on these is that whilst they look pretty feral, only the sentinels and rough riders actually have any chaos iconography, so they could just be a bunch of uncouth types in a loyalist army, should I ever need them to be....


  1. Ah yes, those old VOID marines....good times!

  2. Thank goodness for the Vet's. Those poor Ambulls can finally get their glands expressed.

  3. Terribly uncivil, this is what happens when you give the PDF too much lee-way, they loose their shirts and fall to Chaos.

  4. Cheers Dai, That's going into the fluff...