Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

More Tigers.

You may remember me talking about posting and suggesting that posts about the Imperial Guard were generally easier because I was more familiar with what I actually have and who might be added in the near future.

And then there is my previous post about the Tigers which includes a bit of exposition about filling the army out.  But then I found another two trays in another army box.  So here they are again:

That's four platoons of three squads and one SWS.  Coy HQ and Coy 2iC's command team and then Gunny Harker and his animal welfare team front and centre.

The first platoon's SWS, three flamers.  Every rifle squad in the entire army has a flamer

First platoon's command squad, GL, Heavy Flamer and Medicae as well as their flamboyant leader, Lt Logan.

Second platoon's command squad, three sniper rifles and Lt Choppy.

Second platoon's SWS, two heavy stubbers and a GL (yeah, I know, but not every army is organised according to the Tactica Imperialis).

Third platoon's SWS, three meltas.

Third platoon, Lt Thor and his three plasma gunners.

Fourth platoon's SWS, another three flamers.

Fourth platoon, GL, Medicae and vox.  Led by Lt Wenger.

Coy Command - Straken and his three heavy flamers.  (Burn !  Cringing Dogs of the false emperor !) and attendant priest for extra Ooompf.

Gunny Harker and the vets.

Coy 2iC, Capt Pundit and her team, along with attendant apostate bishop.  'Cause why wouldn't you ?

The leftovers - a mobbed up platoon of lots of guys with warrior weapons (so digging that rule out for these) or maybe conscripts.

Their leader - freed from a state penitentiary by Chaux Na M'rsee (where she was for serial killing her husbands) now serving the cause of feminism by leading a testosterone fuelled mob of meatheads against the forces of oppression.

So if the SWS ride in the PCS's transport, that's four counts as Chimerae per platoon (16) plus one for each CCS (+2) and one for the Vets (+1) and another for the mortar squad (+1) and another for the autocannon squad (+1).  So that's 21 sets of wheels.  Will I do them all ? Probably not.


  1. Another cool force there Zzzzz. 21! Oh, far out. Maybe they have lost a few in battle?

  2. Lt. Logan might have broken her back in that pose - someone call the medicae!!!

  3. Some nice stuff in there. Any nicer pics of the Bishop? What is the base model?