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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

PDF 99th Line Infantry Regiment "The Bloodcoats"

Here they are without the copious heavy weapons detachments.  (2 chimera for the vets, 3 thudd guns, 3 Hvy Stubber, 3 Hvy Stubber, 5 Ogryn, 3 Mortars, 3 Mortars, 3 ac, 3 ac.)  The back line are not part of the platoons.  So there's three platoons of three squads.

The spare officers.  A sort of high command for the PDF; I could add at few guys and make a command squad or two for the heavy weapons and the heavy artillery.

CCS with missile launcher and master vox.  Everyone needs a stick with chromed baby's skull on it to point at things with.  That guy does need more work....

There are two melta vet squads, the guys in the Russian internal security uniforms and red berets.

There are three guys in this mode: there could be more of these depending on the future developments with the Death Brigade guys (next post).

The other melta vet squad.  These guys have a chimera each.

But I think this is pretty good core for this unit.  And they all fit in one KR case.  With only a little doubling up. So any further expansion is going to mean breaking into another KR case.  So it could easily comprise of another platoon or two.  Or perhaps four platoons of four. 


And this is the weirdvane squad with all it's attendant warp spawned freakiness.  In this layout, that makes the deamonhost model a Primaris Psyker.


  1. "Everyone needs a stick with chromed baby's skull on it to point at things with" - Oh you wicked man!

    Lovely work bud - I personally wholeheartedly support the three platoons of 3 squads approach. Four of four is overkill!

    The psyker models are a nice mix - I've always fancied those chaos renegade ones - the chappy holding his head is one of the top sculpts to have come out of GW or FW - really sells the pain/torment of being a psyker (even if chaos aligned in the original sculpt).

  2. Looks very impressive en masse. Especially like seeing troopers with berets, not enough of them in 40k IMHO.

  3. Needs more daemon support. But otherwise I do love to see filthy heretics en masse.

  4. Excellent! Always a sucker for gas masks.

  5. definitely waiting, and hoping for more of those three guys in the back there; though the whole regiment is looking great. how do the guys in the Russian camo work within the 99th? are they veterans or scout units?

  6. List wise they are Chimeltavets to give this army a bit of offensive AT capability they otherwise are a bit light on.

    Flufftastically, they are a part of 1/1 Devos IV SF Regt, a part of the PDF.