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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Devos IV project

Still no idea when we're out of Kent. No one is telling anybody anything. This is usually because nobody knows anything. The man with the money has not yet made the desicion to de-populate the project office.

There is still stuff to do. But that which is paperwork I could do from home. My wife is quite impatient to know when exactly I'll be living at home again as my continued absence places her under enormous strain as she works long hours and has to deal with our friends as well. Vicky the dog walker is heavily pregnant and increasingly unable to fulfil her dog walking role. Its not very good for her. So I'm really chaffing to be home again. I really enjoy my job and being here is financially comfortable, but I think we've both had enough.

Back to the project:

So 95% of the little men are packed away and all of the vehicles that I have space for. There is not that much more to pack up before the whole lot can be loaded into the car and taken home to wait in the garage for the first Devos IV battles.

The first Devos IV battles are timed for Sat 14 Nov 09. There are six 400 point armies and potentially three or four of us. None has played 5th ed before and I'm the only one who has played 40K at all for twenty years. We'll swap the armies around and try and have a go with each one. By the time we've got the hang of it the beer and pizza should have kicked in. Long sufferring wife is out on a Hen do but I expect she'll stagger in about midnight.

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