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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Pah ! We laugh in the face of Inscrutable Yaks

FRPG on Saturday night; first for six months, alledgedly. A fine time was had by all and the PC party is back on track with the campaign arc. I say back on track, but more honestly perhaps they are just on track (at last).

Somehow, I let the PC party get away with defeating three beholders without sufferring any long term casualties. Oruro got turned to stone and Anar's magic items were temporarily nerf'd but that was about it.

Once again, a series of stun results on their foes allowed the galant PCs to bludgeon a poor innocent evil abhoration in the face of nature into messy oblivion.

I think it's time the "monsters" began to anticipate the PCs tactics and adopt an alternative strategy....

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  1. You'll have to prepare many more replacement characters then!

    But yes some small scale tactics might be interesting compared to the current 'bundling in'. Will probably need a small hexagonal board for that sort of thing?

    (why don't the cursor keys work in these comment boxes?)