Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Going to look at a bag full of Ni today.

So, the Valhallans are now in a fit state for the tabletop. There's loads more that I'm sure that a competent figure painter could do. But I'm not one, so they're fine.

And the 2nd Regt of the Devos IV PDF are also OK for the table. Some of them need basing, but they're good to go as well.

Only the DE to go now. And the stripes on some of the Tigers. And the white on the Bel Tain Avengers, reapers and warlocks.

And then I'll need five more mutants, really. but I'm not too bothered about five missing muties at the minute; there are plenty of proxies in the figure collection.

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