Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hurrah ! Progress.

The Tigers 400 point patrol det is ready for the table top. They actually need colour on their equipment, bandanas and some of their marauder spiky bits. And their flesh needs another coat and the metal (currently boltgun metal) needs a mithril silver highlight. But that can wait. I keep forgetting about the twenty 'person' mutie squad (which actually only has fifteen persons at the moment). I will have to give them some attention fairly soon.

The Bel Tain Sacred guard 400 point patrol det needs a little more work on the DAs and Warlocks, but the DRs and Rangers are good to go. (MCH - DA = Dire Avenger, DR = Dark Reaper).

The Valhallans are good to go. There should be some detail work on the character figures, but again, that can wait.

The Devos IV boys are OK to go. The HB teams really need more work and the whole lot of them could do with a touch up, but they're OK for the time being.

The Bloodcoats are good to go. They could all do with a little more TLC but are OK for now.

The DE are basecoated only. Better get on their case tout suite.

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