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Friday, 16 October 2009

Phase 1 of MY project is complete(ish)

This co-incides with the likely end in the foreseeable future with my premanent residence in Kent. So last night I did a little Dark Angel Green overbrushing/dryrushing on the incubi and then sorted out and tidied up the workspace.

For the last six months or so I have spend about ten hours a week (my thanks to Radcliff and McConie for the company) gluing and painting zillions of little men and vehicles together. There is still a lot of painting and final trim type stuff to do, however at least now I have the six 400 point armies.

I've packed a huge box half full of chaos tank and vehicle accessory sprues, IG vehicle sprues, sentinal, land speeder and tank track sprues. All of these have been plundered once but still have enough on to be worth keeping. Then filled the rest of the box up with unmade models. A load of DKK Grenadiers, half a dozen of the new little boxes of Cadians and the FW bits to make them into veterans/renegades. And a load of metal minis that I havn't done yet either.

So I put all of the Chimera fleet together in one crate and the DE vehicles in another. I have about half a dozen Chimera boxes with heavy weapons teams in them and over tall models like Ogryn and standard bearers.

I put the paints in the paint box and the tools in the tool box. I still have left over a load of Eldar Vehicles and handfull of IG ones, including the Inquisition's 1/35th Stryker, another Ravager and a few more DE bits. So there'll be another big box of stuff to be packed next week to go back to the garage at home.

It's time to begin shipping all this stuff home again. I'll keep some in the cabin whilst I'm on this borrowed time, but really need to get the volume down to a level where it will all fit in one medium sized box - because I suspect that when I am not required full time down here, there won't be much notice, and I want to be able to seamlessly move my hobby stuff from the cabin to the garage with no fuss (they are 118 miles apart).

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