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Friday, 16 October 2009

Gaming as a hobby

OK. I enjoy a fairly narrow range of extra curricular activities. The FRPG. One game at a time. I'm much less bothered these days about the rules system. 3.5 looks to have the flexibility for which we abandoned AD&D for MERP. RM is, I now recognise, a little over complicated. Like Space Opera. One of my players, an auditor by profession and inclination spends a lot of time trying to fix it. Now, I see the ruleset as a vehicle for telling a story, so am quite happy to break the rules to further the narrative. So I'm happy with our broken RM and might well be satisified with 3.5 in the future. But then I'll be a player, not the DM, so my viewpoint will be slightly different. Perhaps.

As I have noted before, Fortykay can handle kill team missions and Apocalypse battles. It is extremely flexible. It can also do Stelek esque competitive games and the beer and pizza games that we will one day get around to.

Rules are OK, but I think that the rules one uses have to be suited to the activity one undertakes. If the rules don't suit the style of play one desires, then get new rules.


  1. I think your use of the similie "vehicle" is scarily reminiscent of Milima's literal use of the word.
    Will a story get to where it wants to if its means of conveyance is fundamentally defective? It may be kept going by judicious repairs, but would you really want to rely on those? ;-)

  2. What's so scary about me using the word literally?!

    (and why can't I comment as a wordpress account...) - Mlima