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Friday, 24 April 2015

Chimera Track Guards

These are the Track Guards from "Warchimera"  available to purchase from here. 

This is them on the Ratguard Hydrae I showed a couple of weeks ago.  These picts are from before they were tidied up and stuck down.

But do show what you're getting if you buy some.  They're from Poland (guess) and inexpensive compared to having to fork out for another tank accessory sprue everytime time you want track guards on a chimera chassis.

Another win for someone with a casting kit, another loss for you know who.

If for some reason I have some kind of brain failure and increase my vehicle fleet to the point where it doesn't even fit in the garage anymore - these are the track guards I'd buy again.

btw - the tracks were tidied and stuck down and then they got undercoated straight after this.


  1. Look good, as you said a nice alternative to buying an accessory sprue. By the way, your pics aren't loading up particularly large. Don't know if it's just my PC being rubbish.

  2. Ah, I think these might be eyefone pictures.

  3. Very cool! I really dig how those look, excellent find!