Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

DKK Hydrae Progress

Base coat; there are three or four thin coats of Vallejo dark sand, cunningly modulated over a several week nights (Mrs Z suddenly found a social life !) and finished with a top coat of Tamiya dark sand (actually a lighter colour).  The (what-would-ABS-or-fibreglass-IRL) radar covers are Tamiya black-green over a coat of Dark Angle Green.

Green camo

Brown camo

Decals next !  Oh and, acrylic butile styrene, in case you were wondering, like a motorcycle fairing.

And as mentioned in the comments here is a pict from Ratguard showing the active radar array from under the cover:  For more picts follow the link.



  1. Hm, keeps eating my comment...

    Nice, youre getting more done than me! I suggest immediately playing more computer games to retard your progress :)

  2. I had a go at Rimming the Sky with my friend Angela telling me what to do and fighting hard fights that I kept losing. But that was two or three months ago. It's very pretty, and I'd happily watch someone else play it. But I don't enjoy playing as much as I like watching someone else play it. From the same sofa, not one of those Youtoob channels that I just know must exist.

  3. Nice to see the progress. I am going to need to pick up my pace after Salute!