Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Salute 2015 (Post 1) Demo Game Tables

Well, I thought I start with some of the tables:

There was a table with Aliens (like the film franchise) facing off against the colonial marines.  Very nice presentation (as were they all) but I couldn't help thinking that there were an awful lot of aliens. Those marines will be needing an awful lot of bullets.

Next door was a jungly ziggurat with Predators on it.  Almost like someone had planned it.

Dystopian wars.  interesting how the flying hips were over the water.  This might be well fluffy for the game, I don't know.  But the game looked good flying over water, but if I had a flying battleship, I might fly over land.

Fort George - this was really impressive.  It all belongs to one man, the ships, the scenery, the figures, everything.  Great looking game.

TV7.  I think.  No idea where Mr Staypuff came from.

Pegasus Bridge.  Really nice too.

DZC.  Complete with hollow James Bond mountain.  I can see the appeal, especially with the city scape scenery.

Hell on earth war type game.  I was tempted to stuff this church in to my rucksack.

Just like shootin' wamp rats down beggar's canyon.

North Afrika.  Especially liking the stuka.  Don't fancy the Brit's chances much.

The Battle of the Bulge.  The start of the snowy bit.

The attack on the rebel base on Hoth.  Darth Vader was practically touching the Falcon.

Love the AT-ATs. If only I had a unit of four AT-ATs for my iggies...

Very late cold war game.  Beautiful stuff.  Personally, I found this very compelling.

Looking down a Harrier GR3 at the Bridging Section of a Motor Rifle Regiment and their T72 support.

I hope those of you who didn't get to go found these interesting.  I'll put something a little more coherent up soon.


  1. I'm so jealous, looks like the tables were absolutely brilliant - some real character to them. The DZC boards have always been good, but they just seem to be going from strength to strength, and that Hoth base setup - gah!

  2. O wow - those tables were gorgeous.

    One day I'll be back in Blighty when this show's on and actually be able to attend. Maybe in.... 50 years or so?

  3. Love that Late Cold War stuff in particular. Very haunting.

    ...and increasingly likely to return...?