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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Salute 2015 (part 2) Terrain Pieces

Eldar scenery.  I did phone Forge World six or seven years ago and asked if they were ever going to make a web gate.  I guess this is the answer.

The next shelf down; a Chaos warp portal thingy.  What's sauce for Eldar is sauce for Chaos; apologies to geese and ganders for that.

Now, as I went 'round snapping terrain pieces, unfortunately, I didn't clock who made what.  The two stand out brands for me were 4Ground and Sarissa, I remember that much at least.  Possibly because there were large displays of their products as supplied (ie unpainted) showing the whole range and looking like a sweet shop of 28mm terrain.

All of the stuff presented on the tables was finished to show the product off to best effect.  There was a guy in the back corner who had loads of trees and hedges (including bocage) and his stuff looked great.

This I think is the Arkam Asylum.  There's a batman game going on there, so I think that's a fairly safe bet.

This is one of the ships from the Fort George game.  Outstanding modelling.

A really nice warehouse, although it's 15mm ( I so wish I started with Epic rather than 40K).

DZC City Scape.  Wonderful stuff.

The farm at La Haye Sainte (sp). in 28mm.  My pockets were already full.

Another one of the alien planets.  There were a lot of other games, including a couple of undersea ones (incl Stingray !).  The whole show was pretty mind blowing, but more of that next time. 

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  1. I have some (well, a lot) of the Wargames Tournament Necromunda scenery. It's cracking stuff.