Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Keillerkopf APC with paint.

Pre-shading in red brown and then the 'usual' Dark Sand base coat.  This colourscheme has to tie in with the one used for the DKK without being the same (sounds like an android advert..) - not the thin wriggly lines of the DKK vehicle fleet but something close.

So I plumped for a hertzer like 'ambush' scheme.  What his basically means is ensuring that coverage between the three colours is 1:1:1 and then putting brown and yellow spots on the green, green and brown spots on the yellow and yellow and green spots on the brown. Possibly would have been better with hard edged camouflage, but it looks ok.  Spots can be done with a cut down old brush; giving a decent circle.  What you see here is me throwing on 'circles' rather impatiently There'll be filters and so on so I'm not so worried. .

The windows unmasked and decals applied.  One thing that did not work so well was the hair spray and salt over the red brown undercoat.  No amount of warm soapy water caused the desired weathering effect.  Not surprising really, there were three or four other colours over the top by that point.  Ho hum.  Wheels back on soon.

Update Sun 17 May 15:  Here's a learning point - you'll need the rear wings/mud guards on to paint it.  However, the wheels will not go on with the wing/mud guard in place.  I had to break these off - fortunately I'm an old hand at dismantling my own handiwork, but will stick to blue tac next time.

With filters (AK interactives) and euro dust (er, erm, Mig.  Yup, definitely Mig 'European dust') the wheels will be blended in with the rest of the vehicle.  But this view gives you a nice sense of the almost brutal aesthetic of these bad boys.  And here's the backside - the first thing I look at, usually.

Oh and Tanith Lee died recently.  We all will, but when it's someone you read as a teenager, it is that little bit more poignant.


  1. Thats looking really good. I might suggest as a final weather a bit of a run with the edge of a pencil lead over areas the paint would have work thin like mudguard corners etc...

    try it, ya might like it :)

  2. Yup; on the list for when the weatherin' starts. Too busy building kids furniture this week....

  3. Looks great mate. It's a treat to see the rivet counters approach to weathering in a tank applied on gaming minis.

    It amazes me how much the filter pulls together the whole affair.

  4. That is fantastic! Awesome work, man.