Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Progress so far in 2015

Clacking, lacking and tracking, as it were.  Here's the previous version, with the round up from last year.

Now the up to date one:

DKK Salamanders - need finishing off.
ASL Crassus - Done
Valhallans - now so old they need touching up. 
3rd Thunderer Conversion.  
Additional Officers Nearly all done (but I keep adding more....)
"Word Bearers" er, um, tbc. 
Leviathan Mortis' - Despatched to the Dark Mechanicus
DKK Grenadiers WIP
Full Size ATAT fleet Test Mega Bolter Done
DKK Hydrae Built & Painted
Thunderbolts - WIP
Clone wars Vendetta conversions  Test Model Done
World Eaters Land Raider
Meridian Infantry
Inquisitorial Gun Cutter
Isenkearn APC Test Model Done
Isenkearn Command Squad WIP
Imperial Basillica
Elsyian Army  Done
TGG Kickstarter girls Delivered late May
And then a trawl of whats in the boxes

So it's all going OK, although you'll note that there are only two things "done" so far this year.  

In case you were wondering what 'and then a trawl of what's in the boxes' might involve; it does include things like significant amounts of iggy bitz which might make useful Blood Pact types when used with bits from people like Victoria Miniatures, Puppetswar, Maxmini and so on.  There are FW DKK and Elysian weapons which would look great on re-purposed bolt action minis - with the different weapons, new heads and different paint, you are going to be hard pressed to identify them for what they were designed as.  


  1. Oooh - you've painted the hedgehogs, then?

    1. http://www.devos4.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/dkk-hydrae-progress.html

  2. I want to see that Inquisitorial Gun Cutter finished up.