Playing EPIC in 28mm.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas Post 5 2nd Ed Psykers WIP

These guys are from Alaska.  I know, forged in Nottingham by Citadel, got all the way to Alaska some twenty years (ish) later and now flown all the back again. 

You may have seen Mordian 7th's new Rogue Trader kill team where he used a limited pallet and basically blue and white.   These are only block colours so far.  (Gotta love their huge heads)

I hope that the colours on the collar and the darker, more purpleish colour of the cloaks comes out.  What I need here is Jeff (PVP Jeff this time) telling me about spot colours and colour balance.  Humm, I'm thinking something like goblin or snot green, rather than red.  But don't want to use both on the models because they'll end up looking too busy (?)  Oh well.

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  1. heh, I'd forgotten about these sculpts, pretty sure that was intentional...