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Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas Post 7 A whole lot of WiP

So you've seen a whole lot of nearly finished stuff;  There's a thing that Aussies call an 'eskie' (probably short for 'Eskimo', some of the ex-convicts having stolen some of the other letters), mine arrive full of frozen dog food.  This is not an accident, I do buy them deliberately.  

The lids, once the dog food is in the freezer, make for handy trays to move little men around on, and I have a never ending supply of them.  So the these are Grenadiers who just need a tidy up before they've done. 

The weird looking fellas in the corner are zealots from this Kickstarter. 

Blue Krieg for the Field Arty - I used Fenris Grey (its blue) but obviously didn't mix it mixily enough as it started to dry all shiny and quite the wrong shade of blue.  It was a disaster.  Out with the Shadow Grey (its blue) to try to rescue the paint job.  

Grey Kreig (they're grey - it's in the feckin' name GW !) will need the mustard facings next.  And the random Space Wolf will also be grey, because that's what colour space wolves are.

So that's how I do stuff in the winter - trying to do stuff by the warm mood lighting of the living room, which then always needs correcting when looked at by the light of day.  C'est La Vie. 

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