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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Christmas Post 8 Vostroyan Staff Officer & Body Guards

Vostroya goes to war for the Emperor 


OK, if you are puzzling over the three ladies on the Brick of Scrutiny; the haughty looking officer is one of the Raging Heroes (Heroines !!!) Toughest Girls in the Galaxy range.  The two bodyguards are the same person, two versions of a Khadorian Warcaster from Warmachine. 

These were done by Kyle of Mr Lee's Minis fame; he did these a few years ago before the actual mini business began sucking all of his time.  The colours were chosen to match and compliment the other existing Vostroyan members of High Command.  

For those struggling to place the white uniformed Vostroyans in 72 AG; they are the ones deployed as formed sub units as Military Police.  So that marks her down as some sort of Provost; probably trying to keep the Commissariat and Adeptus Sorortias at bay whilst still keeping two armies from about 60 different systems in line.  

The StormHammer wielding bodyguards (I've got Iggy codices where Storm Trooper can have Storm Hammers so that's OK) are quite wonderful and it's on Fatit 212 that the Vostroyans are going to be on sale again (for a single week - WTaF ?!?!), so that's a thing.  

Quite wonderful.  Oh yes, I do have the broken bit of hammer, I just need to stick it back on.   Let us not loose sight of the fact that for all the men of Jornath, Kreig, Armageddon, Palladia, and so on, the man at the top is First Born.  When the history books are written, the reclamation of Devos IV will have been a famous Vostroyan victory.

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