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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Christmas Post 9 Mud on the Storm Blade

That's what's on the Brick of Scrutiny tonight, painted on fake mud, because there's not enough real mud in my life (kids, dogs, work....)

IRL, you can only just discern the carrier film around that aqilla.  But the light shows up something rotten in the photos.  

Might mix up some more thicker mud for that gap. 

More actual weathering is in order. 

Can't make the BoS much safer than this. 


  1. That came out really well, bravo. What a horrifying weapin to have pointed at you though.

  2. Would have loved watching the crew parking that beast on the BoS!

  3. Thanks gents,

    Masta Cheef, that's just where it came to rest as the flood waters receded...