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Thursday, 16 November 2017

A Relic

Some of you may dimly remember me banging on about clearing out the garage (Devos IV !!!), there's stuff in there we boxed when we moved in which hasn't seen the light of day in decades, some of these boxes moving with me from house to house as I make my progress around the kingdom*.

And the last box had delayed it's final opening and reckoning because it was bigger and heavier than the others.  Anyway, as you have already deduced, you geniuses, I finally got it down without it crushing me and this was one of the things I found at the bottom. 

If I really did have a museum, this'd go in it.

Such a pretty box.

With hindsight, possibly better than the contents....(?)

But there y'go.  Another little piece of history.

*just for you medievalists.


  1. Mmmmmm - That brings back many memories. Couldn't tell you how many of those I went through back in the day when I built the first iteration of the Mordian 7th. Good times, good times...

  2. I absolutely love this set. I painted up a unit or two for a friend of mine back in rhe '90s and they were a total joy to work with. So much character and many posing options. In more recent times that same friend reworked a few squads by using the current Cadian arms and guns with them and they turned out great!

  3. Still have a box and most of the contents of these lovelies. I really like still and wish i had the patience to paint enough of them for an army's worth.
    Lucky you

  4. Great find, is it full then? On Sprues? Brilliant.

  5. Oh no. But there's some.... stuff in there I'll blog up soonish.

  6. https://imgflip.com/s/meme/Mother-Of-God.jpg
    holly mother of god.

  7. Fair play, old school is good stuff. Mostly.